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Why Jules Verne is the ultimate steampunk hero.

Why Jules Verne is the ultimate steampunk hero As Radio 4 embarks on a journey To the Ends of the Earth with a set of Victorian adventure stories, we examine how the work of 19th-century French novelist Jules Verne feeds into the modern steampunk movement. BBC4  has produced 2 radio dramas based on Jules Verne with associated articles on the Victorian adventure genre and a look into what makes Jules Verne so special to and the foundation of the Steampunk world. Listen, read and enjoy! -…

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Sunday Tea/Picnic In The Park.

My friends and I had a relaxing old fashion tea/picnic in the city Park . It was a lovely Sunday afternoon. This National Park is my favorite oasis in the heart of the city of Providence.  We enjoyed good food, good conversation and even good music. It was a step in time to connect, relax and play the old fashion way. We all have decided that we must do this more often, Save Save

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Events: Please tell us what you think of the events you attend

Watch City Festival, Waltham, MA, USA / May 2017 / ticket price -0-:  Fun festival with a number of entertaining performances, activities, vendors, and the attendees were often downright inspiring.  Offerings included live music, aerialists, a presentation on the history of séance, a mummy unwrapping, tea dueling, splendid teapot racing, a children's activity area, food trucks, belly dancing, and more. Recommend.  https://www.watchcityfestival.com/

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Club Dominion .

Welcome to Club Dominion where the beer is always cold and the open fire hot . Just as well because it's always gently snowing outside . That odd looking chap over there is Professor Sebastian Fate and the person he is talking to is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . I don't think he is making much headway trying to convince him that Dr. Watson actually wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories .  That corner seat is reserved for Mr. Wilde . He usually holds court later in the evening . So draw up a chair and…

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"The Tale of Police-Man" (Amended)

      It's taken me a long time to put such a small story, as this, together.  (The central concept occurred to me a good three years ago.)  I am tempted to give all sorts of explanations, and backstory, but I think I'll just post it.

      (Oops!  It's just occurred to me that I have made the possibly rash assumption that anyone reading this is already familiar with the character of Sabeetha.  Those who are not may wish to look at:


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A heads up that my first novel, An Unsubstantiated Chamber, is free to all on Amazon.

If you are one who shops on the UK site, then the second book, Cerulean Rust, is only .99 this week. Intrigue, superhuman drama, steampunk madness and government imperialism. A bad cocktail indeed.

I am placing this as a general blog so all can see. Comment if you got yours! Comment more if you already read one or both and liked…

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