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Watch City Festival, Waltham, MA, USA / May 2017 / ticket price -0-:  Fun festival with a number of entertaining performances, activities, vendors, and the attendees were often downright inspiring.  Offerings included live music, aerialists, a presentation on the history of séance, a mummy unwrapping, tea dueling, splendid teapot racing, a children's activity area, food trucks, belly dancing, and more. Recommend.  https://www.watchcityfestival.com/

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Club Dominion .

Welcome to Club Dominion where the beer is always cold and the open fire hot . Just as well because it's always gently snowing outside . That odd looking chap over there is Professor Sebastian Fate and the person he is talking to is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . I don't think he is making much headway trying to convince him that Dr. Watson actually wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories .  That corner seat is reserved for Mr. Wilde . He usually holds court later in the evening . So draw up a chair and…

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We all read , but what are we reading ? I'll start the ball rolling with one out of left field, prompted by the peace loving Professor's interest in the wilder aspects of history . ' THE MASK OF COMMAND ' considers four commanders , the archetypal hero Alexander the Great , anti-hero Lord Wellington , deliberately non-heroic Ulysses S. Grant and the false heroics of Adolf Hitler . John Keegan provides insights into the personal characters of these leaders and looks at the problems an apolitical…

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The End of an Era.

      It pains me to say this, but I have finally concluded that the old Steampunk Empire is truly gone.  There is still something that exists under that domain name, but, whatever it is, I don't trust it.   (This should come as no surprise to anyone with even a passing familiarity with me.)       I lift a glass of Kraken rum in its memory, and gulp it down.  Ummm...  Good!   (And no, I'm not any variety of pirate.  I just like rum!  And cigarettes, which I make myself, and the occasional…

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Three Dee Mee

At 3 Rivers Comicon, a company called WeCloneU from Squirrel Hill had a setup to take 3D scans. They only charged $5 for the scan for which you would receive a small rotating GIF. For the con reduced price of $150 they would then produce a color 6” 3D print. I wasn't going to pass up a 3D scan.…

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Thoughts on Dentistry

Well, I recently had a bit of long awaited dental work done.  A tooth extraction, to be precise. 

But, it got me to think of something.  Namely how the field of dentistry has changed, and stayed the same, over the years.  And how thankful I am that it has at least added better anesthetics.

I did a little looking into 1800's dentistry, and was mildly surprised to find that most of the tools seem, relatively, unchanged.  From what I can find, the methods aren't…

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  • http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/clockworkfiction

    I represent the glitch that becomes of reality and fantasy colliding in a shower of absurdity and clock-related puns. My stories are much the same, filled with dark humor, candid morbidity, and the remnants of issues that may have been better left explored with a psychiatrist. 

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  • www.karenjcarlisle.com
    Karen J Carlisle:
    Writer. Artist. Gardener. Chocoholic and tea lover.
    Imagineer and writer of steampunk, Victorian mysteries and fantasy.

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